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Good luck on the election.  If anyone can turn things around, you can.

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I wrote:>

> > As you may have heard, STJS is in real financial trouble.
> >

Steve Barbone answered:

> There is good reason for members of Jazz Societies all over the world to
heed the
> example of Sacramento Trad Jazz Society. They went from a half million
> surplus to a quarter million dollar deficit in just a few years.
> Until recently, nobody knew about it except the few insider board members
who were
> responsible for it. And they certainly weren't telling. They were too busy
> up STJS as a model for similar groups throughout the USA and basking in
> sunlight of pseudo success.
> It behooves us all to request from those Jazz Societies of which we are
members, a
> financial statement at the end of each operating year.
> If the board of directors refuses, or the statements look suspect, throw
the bums
> out.


Steve, you are right about that.

In Sacramento's case, our Jazz Society and Jazz Jubilee are very successful
from the consumer's point of view.  It is poor financial management
including over spending and bad bookkeeping which got us into the position
that we are in today.  There is absolutely no excuse for it other than bad

For years, The Board of Directors have not been given correct financial
information.  The yearly audits showing losses were glossed over or ignored
by most Board members and the Executive Director either chose to ignore the
losses, or was oblivious to them.

Through the years, on each Board, there was usually one or 2 people who
noticed what was happening.  They were usually ridiculed and their views,

As you can see by reading my letter to the STJS membership at:


in 1996, the then STJS president Dick Johnson and a couple of Board members
warned of the upcoming financial problems.  They were labeled Jubilee
Bashers.  They finally gave up in disgust.

The City of Sacramento has loaned STJS $120,000 and the Sacramento
Convention and Visitors Bureau has loaned us $60,000.  This is because our
Jubilee brings in an estimated 28 million dollars to the Sacramento economy
each Memorial Day weekend.

 The STJS election is this Sunday, Dec 14.  Hopefully the right people will
be elected to get STJS turned around.

Since the problem came to light in August, a lot of measures have been taken
to cut costs & streamline the operation.  A lot more need yet to be done.

For those of you not interested in Sacramento's problems, I apologize for
this lengthy e-mail.  However, as one DJML member said, STJS and the
Sacramento Jazz Jubilee is very important to the world of
Traditional/Classic Jazz.

Bob Ringwald
mr.wonderful at ringwald.com
STJS Board Member, 2003-2004
Placerville, CA  USA

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