[Dixielandjazz] What kind of music for the gay trade?

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Tue Dec 9 09:08:11 PST 2003

 to: DJML Listmates
This burning question of the day to Steve Barbone and other Philadelphia
denizens-- does the advertising budget include OKOM?  If not, what kind of
music is most appropriate for the gay trade?
 This from USA TODAY Monday December 8.

Cities come out about wooing gays — and their dollars
By Deborah Sharp, USA TODAY

In Philadelphia, where the $300,000-per-year campaign to boost gay tourism
has generated media coverage, officials say positive response has outweighed
negative. Most of the money for the campaign comes from the area's hotel
taxes. Meryl Levitz, president of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing
Corp., says she received flowers and telephone calls from gays thrilled by
the inclusion.

"Philadelphia stands for liberty and justice for all. We welcome everybody,"
Levitz says.

Greater Philadelphia's annual $5 million advertising budget includes
significant amounts for other niche travelers, such as $600,000 a year to
draw African-Americans. When ads targeting black visitors began in 1997,
they represented only 14% of 11 million visitors a year. By 2000, the share
had jumped to 25%.

Norman Vickers

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