[Dixielandjazz] stackolee/stagger lee

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Tue Dec 9 08:40:52 PST 2003

Dear Rae Ann,
A quick check shows:
"Stack O' Lee Blues" (Lopez)
Fred Waring 16 Oct 1923
Frank Wesphal 18 Oct 1923
Herb Wiedoeft 14 May 1924
Ma Rainey Dec 1925
Evelyn Thompson 31 Jan 1927
Jack Linx 16 March 1927
Duke Ellington 9 Jan 1928
Cliff Edwards 3 Oct 1928
Cab Calloway 18 Nov 1931
Carson Robinson 1932
Johnny Dodds 21 Jan 1938
Plus more in the 1940s and on.
There are also blues versions from the 1930s using "Stackolee/Stagolee"
I use discographies to research my information.
As I recall, the Ma Rainey version is a different ("Frankie & Johnny type)
tune credited to Jasper Taylor.
I have most/all of the above so will check each later today after we get
back from the film 'Master and Commander'.
Kind regards,

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