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I think there was discussion about this some time ago, Rae Ann.  If there
are archives for DJML, you may want to check there.  ISTR that there are at
least two early tunes and sets of words associated with the title.   I may
have one version on a 78 by the Original Memphis Five but I am not sure.

Ron L

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Can someone please tell me who made the first (or an early) record of
Stackolee Blues (or Stagger Lee Blues)?  I've known this title, but not the
tune.  I
heard it played yesterday and liked it a lot.
My searches so far have turned up versions by the Greatful Dead, Jerry Lee
Lewis, Taj Mahal, and Mississippi John Hurt.  Somehow, I think there must
been earlier versions.  Any help out there?
I'd love to hear the best way to do a search like this on the internet.
Rae Ann

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