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Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Sun Dec 7 16:12:05 PST 2003

List mates

It is really great to see that the community is giving their support and
that individuals are showing interest in helping to keep this fine jazz
festival active and hopefully, thriving in the future. I think that your
festival must be a driving force for what goes on elsewhere in Dixieland

We are not so fortunate here in Victoria. Lorne White the man behind the
  concept and the production of the Terrifvic Jazz Party just made a
news announcement that the 22nd edition of the festival for 2004 has
been canceled. They have a sizable debt from the 2003 festival and they
don't wish to put there suppliers to further risk. Apparently they hope
to acquire further corporate sponsorship so that they can restart in
2005. Lorne W's comments are posted on the festival web site for anyone

The Friday Harbour Jazz Festival on San Juan Island, Washington ceased
operation in 2000. This is only a hop skip and a jump from Victoria ( a
short ferry ride) and has been missed as it had a good atmosphere. It
was held mainly in outside venues in the summer, close to the ocean,
during hot sunny days.

Since the mid 80's I have been in a group of friends (from 10 to 20
people depending on commitments)who came from various locations to meet
  at these festivals and renew our friendships. Needless to say that my
chin is now dragging a bit. The organizers have held out hope for the
future but......:(

Thank goodness the Chilliwack BC and the Penticton BC festivals seem to
be on the up swing.

Len Nielsen
Victoria BC Canada

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