[Dixielandjazz] My favorite blues lyric

Mike Durham mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 6 21:27:24 PST 2003

Along the lines of Jack Tracy's "I know your mouth ain't clean" lyric, how 
abot this one:

I tipped up to the window, heard somebody screech
"For heaven's sake, baby, 'blow' is just a figure of speech!"

Disrespectfully submitted,

Blind Lemon Durham.

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> > The Martin Mull joke was, I think, done on a funny television show he
> > did called "(something) Tonight" - a sort of talk show from some small
> > midwestern town that was a parody of talk shows and it made me really
> > laugh.
> >   I deemed it a work of genius.
>I agree -- the show -- "Fernwood Tonight" -- was terrific.
>and speaking of favorite blues lyrics, many years ago i heard pianist 
>butterfield sing, "I tipped up to the window, peeked into the screen, and
>what I seen you doing, I know your mouth ain't clean....."
>Jack Tracy
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