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Little known fact.

The show Fernwood Tonight & then later titled "America Tonight" was done at
Norman Lear's studio.  The road leading into the studio was named

My daughter Molly was in the first season of "Facts Of Life" which was also
taped at that studio as was "Different Strokes", Hello Larry", "The Red Fox
Show", and several other shows.

During rehearsals of "Facts", I once heard a big band rehearsing in the next
room.  I went in there & it was the Les Brown Orchestra, being led by Mel
Torme who was singing.  They were rehearsing for a PBS Christmas Special.

Several other famous musicians were there, including George Shearing.  I sat
& talked with George for a good hour.  What a delightful man he was.

I have seen "Fernwood Tonight" recently on some cable channel but can't
remember when, or which channel.

It was one of my favorite shows.

The drummer that replaced Ray Templin in my Great Pacific JB I had when I
lived in LA, was Burr Middleton.  Burr was also an actor.  He did a few bits
on "Fernwood Tonight."

I remember one bit he did, he played an attorney or scientist.  He came on
with a bunch of white mice, or rats.  Half the mice were wearing tuxedos.
These mice were dead.  It was his contention that tuccidos caused Cancer.

Burr also played a part on the skits they did on the Tonight Show during the
OJ trial.

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> Hi listmates and David -
> I just recalled, the TV "talk show" was called "Fernwood 2night" and was
> seen in a second season called "America 2night" (I think) -
> Anyway, I just scoured the internet to see if these shows had been put on
> DVD for sale. I was, sadly, unable to find anything of the sort.
> Does anyone know of a way to review those old TV shows of Mull's?
> Respectfully requested,
> Bill "Mull be the man!" Gunter
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