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Thanks for the enlightment - but surely books written in English should be
readily understood by ordinary people who understand the language without
having to be versed in German, archaeology, or any other trapping of
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> Ach, du lieber Herr Spencer!
> Somelwhere along the way (an old pop ltune, you know), you
> misinterpreted the word "Ur".  It refers not to the ancient Babylonian
> city you mention.  Rather, if you grab an English-German dictionary,
> you'll find that the German word "Ur" means "original" or "the
> prototype".  Therefore, the Cambridge use of the term
> "Ur-Jazz" simply means the orginal form of Jazz in its development down
> in good, old New Orleans and its environs.
> Dare I say "Vielen Dank"? (Many thanks).
> Regards, Harold Smith


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