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Fri Dec 5 01:54:37 PST 2003

Edgerton wrote (regarding Durham's 4' + work):

>It has been said that the process of sculpting is a simple matter of
>removing everything that is not a statue. In the same way, music is best
>when pared to the essentials -- the Baroque period notwithstanding. In that
>context, I am pleased to announce publication of my latest composition
>entitled "Seventeen Microseconds."

I recall a thread on the subject of the "Perfect Solo."  The thesis was 
offered that most solos are random noodling around for the best notes and 
the most perfect solo would be one where the "essence" of the solo is 
reduced to the ONE perfect note.  Then, since the resulting note would be 
the most obvious one it would become a redundancy to actually play it and, 
as a result, the artist should simply show up for the performance but not 
play his "note" out of respect for the intelligence of the audience who 
would resent having the obvious flung in its face, then pack up his horn, 
collect his gig pay and go home.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "   " Gunter
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