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Years ago I saw a documentary with either the actual piano or a replica
(think it might have been footage of him playing on it, but I don't recall
the details).  I think he had it specially made and there was a lever, kind
of like a stick shift, that shifted the entire keyboard (and assumedly
hammers) to the left or right into different grooves (something like raising
and lowering wheels on a lawn mower).  I don't know how many different keys
it could produce; it certainly might be worth some more research.

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Rob McCallum

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> I heard that too. Still trying to figure out what kind of mechanical
> contraption could possibly do that.
> Arm
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> If I'm not mistaken, Berlin had a special piano built with a movable
> keyboard so that, although he could only technically play in one key, he
> could change the keys to hear what things sounded like in other keys (kind
> of like a capo for the piano!).
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