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> Can anyone give some relevant detail about this band?  I refer
> specifically to the LP, Capitol T367, "Midnight on Bourbon Street."  A
> surprisingly enjoyable album!  But with no personnel, no dates, etc.

I have an 1950s-era Crown Records LP by the "fantabulous Kings of Dixieland" 
which included:  Matty Matlock, clar; Ray Conniff, trombone; Cyde Hurley, 
trumpet; Dick Cathcart, trumpet; Ben Pollack, drums; Jack Ordean, sax; Clyde 
Ridge, piano; and Marty Corb, bass.  No mention of Sharkey, but that must have been 
Sharkey Bonano who played with the ODJB in their 1938 sessions.  The name 
doesn't mean much to me...it must have been an advertising ploy.  Practically 
anybody could have called themselves "kings" , but at least these guys were 
really good musicians.
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