[Dixielandjazz] Pregnant pause

david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Tue Dec 2 17:28:51 PST 2003

After "4' 33"" there was a new term in the art/music world: Performance 
Art. This can cover a whole lot of nonsense (and some valid projects.)

I have been to BurningMan many times and have seen the blending of art, 
music and performance on all sorts of levels and qualities with some 
amazing results. I have even helped form an almost OKOM band that has 
played there for many years. We often get comments from the "young and 
hip" crowd like: "Did you write that song?"

Dave Richoux

Nancy Giffin wrote:

> Paul Edgerton, who has been on vacation, and is rested and ready for an
> argument, wrote regarding 4'33":
> "... I would argue that this is not art in exactly the same way that a
> sunset is not art..."
> Well, Paul:
> John Cage's 4'33": Art? Music? Or just plain semantics?
> He used a so-called piece of music to redefine "silence" as simply the
> absence of intended sounds, or the turning off of our awareness. He was
> thrilled that the first performance included the sound of rustling leaves
> (1st movement) and the pitter-patter of rain (second movement). To me, this
> is like putting a giant blank canvas next to a window in order to draw
> attention to the rest of the room and the world outside.


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