[Dixielandjazz] Carl Halen/Gin Bottle Seven

Richard Karner dickkarner at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 09:13:28 PST 2003

>From 1953, I have Empirical EM 101 and EM 104 and also on theRiverside label a real gem.  Four sides on Mayl's DRK's and four sides of Carl's Washboard Five w/Halen, Bob Greene, Bob Sann, Charlie Paris, & the outstanding Bob Thompson of the Red Onion JB fame.  Also vocals by Paul Bacon.  Recorded in New York in 1951.
The Mayl sides feature Halen, the late great Charlie Sonnanstine, J. Campbell, J. Carroll, Mayl and Tom Hyer.
Please feel free to copy and send to me the ones I don't have.  Contact me off list if I can copy anyone who is interested.
Dick Karner
SDJB '52-'56.

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