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I didn't look far enough - I've also got Riverside 12-261 called "Whoopee
Makers' Jazz" with Carl, corn; Bob Butters, tbn; Martin Kollstedt, clar;
Matt Fuchs, pno; Jan Carroll, bnj; Jim Campbell, bass sax; Tom Hyer;
drums. Contains Once in a While, You're Next, King Porter Stomp, 'Deed I
Do, Ugly Child, Snake Rag, Somebody Stole My Gal, Beale St Blues, Mabel's
Dream, Original Jelly Roll Blues, Copenhagen and Emperor Norton's Hunch.


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I've got an LP called "Gin Bottle Jazz" (Riverside RLP 12-231) by Carl
Halen's Gin Bottle Seven (Carl, tpt & corn; George Stell, tbn; Martin
Kollstedt, clar; Fred Gary, pno; Jan Carroll, bnj; Johnnie Pollock, tub;
Tom Hyer; drums), recorded in 1954. Songs are Four or Five Times,
Aggravatin' Mama, Shake That Thing, Nagasaki, Angry, Apex Blues,
Eccentric Rag, Wolverine Blues, Pallet on the Floor, Dallas Blues, Oh
Baby, Milneberg Joys. According to the label, cuts 1-4 and 7-10 were
previously released on a 10" LP on the Empirical label.

Did I beat Haesler?!?!

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On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 21:56:59 -0700 "Bill Biffle" <bbiffle at swcp.com>
> A friend of mine from Cincy - a consummate musician, barbershop 
> harmony guru, trombone player, etc. - sent me a bit about Carl 
> Halen's Gin Bottle Seven.  Says he first heard and saw them in the 
> late 40s at Miami University in the Student union building.  
> Evidently, Mr. Halen was a member of Gene Mayl's Dixieland Rhythm 
> Kings, a youthful band that emerged from Ohio in the mod-40s and 
> made quite a national name for itself.  
> After serving in the Korean war, Carl formed the Gin Bottle Seven 
> and developed a good following in the Cincinnati area.  In addition 
> to Halen, who played tpt, there was banjo/vocalist Jan Carroll, Tom 
> Hyer on drums, Bob Butters on trombone, and Jim Campbell who played 
> bass saxophone as a substitute for tuba.   Apparently Martin 
> Kollstedt played clarinet and Matt Fuchs was the piano player.
> Who knows these guys?  Any of them on the list?  Any recordings 
> extant?
> Thanks for reading and responding.
> Bill Biffle
> Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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