[Dixielandjazz] Trumpet player Johnny Windhurst

Tom Duncan tduncan at bellatlantic.net
Mon Dec 1 13:43:49 PST 2003

Bob Craven writes:

>>Does any one have any information re/ Johnny Windhurst.
I have a couple of Eddie Condon records, with Johnny on either trumpet =
or cornet. I'd like to know more about him.
He was "some kind a player"!<<

He was indeed. To add to the postings of Steve Barbone and others who
provided biographical details, I can add that Johnny Windhurst fronted a
band called the High Street Five which played full weekend gigs three times
a year at my fraternity at Rensselaer in the mid to late '50's. I believe
that Johnny and perhaps others in this band also appeared at other Eastern
colleges such as Williams. In those days, rock and roll had not emerged as
the party music of choice and Dixieland was king.

Others in the band were Ed Hubbell, trombone; Charlie Hoyt, piano; Jack
Fuller, clarinet; and Johnny Vine (?), drums. Some fill-ins for Windhurst
when he couldn't make it were Max Kaminsky and Herman Autrey. I was able to
remember enough of the 10-12 hours of great music provided each weekend gig
to continue my interest in Dixieland jazz and resume playing after a long
break after college. (Some of us would be allowed to sit in, very late and
when most participants were barely standing.)

Thanks for bringing up the name of this great player who died much too


Tom Duncan

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