[Dixielandjazz] Willie Naylor - Banjo Player

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Fri Aug 29 08:13:18 PDT 2003

Perfect banjo player for Cell Block Seven, we'd be SO proud! Is he out of
jail yet?
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Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Willie Naylor - Banjo Player

Tom Wiggins asked for information on Willie Naylor, perhaps a banjo

Could this be the guy Tom? This Willie is from Mississippi.  Excerpt
from the court record of Naylor et al v. State of Mississippi.

"On August 13, 1992, William L. Naylor pleaded guilty to two separate
counts of armed robbery, which counts were amended to two charges of
accessory before the fact of armed robbery and one charge of accessory
before the fact of murder pursuant to a plea bargain. Naylor was
sentenced to two consecutive terms of ten years and a concurrent life
sentence as a non-habitual offender. Naylor filed a motion to vacate his
guilty plea, but the motion was denied by the Circuit Court of Forrest
County. Naylor timely filed an appeal to this Court."

Sounds like a typical banjo player to me. ;-)

Musical Content "I'm in the jailhouse now."


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