[Dixielandjazz] St Phillip St Breakdown

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One of the finest recordings of this piece by Lewis was with Ken Colyer's
Jazz band in 1957.  It is available in 504 Records, 'George Lewis with Ken
Colyer's Jazzmen - The Famous Manchester Free Trade Hall Concert, 2nd Half'


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> > I've been trying to transcribe the clarinet part to St Phillip St
> Breakdown. The only copy I have is on American Music's George Lewis Trios
> and Bands CD. I can't match the key at all (perhaps its played on a HP
> clarinet?)--does anyone know what key this piece is in (concert pitch)and
> can anyone recommend any other recordings of this piece of music.
> The American Music recordings are very hard to accurately pin down as to
> key they were played in. Bill Russell had a recorder than ran at approx
> 82rpm. The resulting discs were then mastered on a mchine that ran at
> 76rpm.. I think the people at George  H's place have done marvels in the
> pitch correction they have done.
> On another angle to this; St Phillip Street is similar to Burgundy Street
> that george played it for most of his career and it slowly evolved over
> years.
> Phil O'Rourke
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