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The Turk Tribute Concert was cooked up to honor Turk mainly because it was
known that he was ill and had little time left to live. Dick Miller,
cornetist and producer of the video that came out of the concert, recognized
that such a tribute should be made and with some help form others he pulled
it off quite well.
My chum Wayne Jones was thrilled to be asked to come and be part of the date
on drums, and could tell us more but he still is steadfast in his opposition
to getting a computer and going on line. He prefers instead to write several
thousand words on a single post card (well it seems like it when he packs
his messages into one).
I have a copy of the Turk video made there. A fine concert, but one major
difference in saying it is time to do one for Cullum. Last I heard Jim was
as healthy as a Texas mustang and just as musically frisky.
Don Ingle
PS -- I recall my first meeting with Jim. He and his dad would come into
Jazz Ltd. in Chicago in the '60's where I played, as they were in town for a
grocery wholesale and purveyor's trade show.Jim was just 18 years old. We
had his dad, Jim Sr., a very fine clarinetist, and Jim Jr.sit in and it was
a delight to hear this young fellow play so very well. I later wrote a
couple arrangements for the then-Happy Jazz Band, and have about four of
their LP's. The contrast between the two bands, clearly shows Jim Jr;s. own
vision and direction, but I will tell you that the old band was also a
delightful romp in the old Texas two-step, businessman's bounce style.  Love
to listen to both editions.
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> mophandl at landing.com writes:
> > To sum up, there are no "secrets" to Jim's success. One has to truly
> > in one's product first and foremost. Then, one should take into account
> > Jim's long history in the jazz life and his business background. But,
> > importantly, there is the man's character: dogged persistence, energy,
> > positive outlook, and the will to "close the deal." He was
> > dealt a hand, and
> > he played it.
> Thanks for the excellent rundown on Jim Cullum.
> Isn't it time for a grand tribute to Jim Cullum?  Remember the great
tribute to Turk Murphy that Jim cooked up in Carnegie Hall? Jim's time has
> Jim Beebe
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