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> I think that Bill Gunter meant to say was that it would be virtually
> impossible for a Rock band to play acoustically &produce the sound that we
> associate with Rock.  The very loud drums, the distorted guitar, etc.
> Sure, some rock musicians &bands have done unplugged concerts but, it don't
> sound the same.
> Dr. Bob:  With all due respect:

It is not supposed to sound the same, it is done to deliver an entirely 
different sound and appeal to a nicer kinder older audience of thirty something 
kids rather than he usual 15 something to twenty something crowd that the Major 
Rock labels cater to.

It was a new trend embraced by many acts like Crosby Stills & Nash, Eric 
Clapton, James Taylor, and many others to create a new niche for their music with 
their ever aging fan base whose musical tastes were maturing to the point that 
they actually wanted to hear some real music.  Not to mention prove once 
again to their record label that they could still sell recordings to a Kinder 
Gentler market place.


Tom Wiggins

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