[Dixielandjazz] N. O. Rhytm -- second try

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Tue Aug 26 04:18:27 PDT 2003

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> .  Somehow that extremely obvious feature of that recording eluded me
> when I a teenager. 

Hey Butch:

I discovered something profound when I was about 30 years old, Music had 
changed, it had gotten softer, and more melodic and the lyrics started to make 
sense, a miraculous awakening I am sure.

Now as I approach 60 I suddenly find myself listening intently to lyrics of 
songs I took for granted and just played thirty years ago they also start to 
make sense.

Each day now I get a much broader appreciation for many styles of music. 
Perhaps finally I have found the time to actually listen and understand it.

I often listen to many old Dixieland recordings and hear a lot of good 
players playing a lot of mediocre music in many cases, and yet I hear utterances of 
brilliance from some of them at the same time while fully understanding that 
the recording techniques were far inferior to what we have available today.  
Therefore I have learned to listen between the bars for what is there and not 
there to get a more general appreciation for the music and many of the artists 
that are certainly not portrayed in their best light or sound.


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band
Perhaps one day my humble contributions and modern interpretations will find 
their way in to OKOM for some future generation and keep alive the creative 
influences instilled upon us by many of the legendary players who came well 
before our time.

If not it's OK too, I had a good time trying, and the music business been 
beddy beddy good to me along the way.  And there ain't no rhythm like dat New 
Orleans rhythm, and dat OLE Second Line.

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