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Hey All;

Not the best state for this to happen in, with all that's going on now.
Back in the old days when I played Sacto they never had problems paying
their bills, or if they did they didn't let on to it.  Maybe they've gotten
too big?  Does anyone know how many people attended this years festival?

Just my observation along with a few questions,
Tuba/Computer Guru

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R.E. Graswich: Jazz Jubilee hopes for city loan to cure the
can't-pay-the-bills blues
By R.E. Graswich -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Sour notes: A financial crisis has hit the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Cash
reserves are gone. The Jubilee is looking for money -- asking the
cash-strapped city of Sacramento for a loan of about $200,000.
"There will be a Jubilee in 2004 either way," said Roger Krum, Jubilee boss.
"We've had to take some of our advance revenue for next year to pay bills
from last year. The simplest way to get a loan would be to say there won't
be a Jubilee without it. I'm optimistic we'll get this taken care of." Roger
made inquiries about a municipal loan last week. Approval could take months,
though City Hall insiders say they will do what they can to help the
Jubilee. "The city of Sacramento gets a tremendous direct benefit from the
Jubilee," Roger said. "And that doesn't include the tremendous good will
generated for the city." The troubles can be traced to non-Memorial Day
weekend programs that soak up funds generated by the Jubilee, Roger said.
"They are good programs, such as our summer jazz camp and monthly concerts.
But until recently, they have operated at a deficit." Roger wouldn't
describe the situation as desperate. But times are tough. "I deposited my
paycheck this week, and it went through," he said. ...

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