[Dixielandjazz] First Jazz Recording?

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 20 16:48:31 PDT 2003

ODJB gets the credit. But didn't James Reese Europe record some
"ragtime" circa 1914 or so that sounds suspiciously like "Jazz".

And didn't his symphony orchestra play at Carnegie Hall, NYC circa 1912
selections that sounded suspiciously like jazz?  In fact some folks
claim that this band was the first "Jazz Band" to ever play Carnegie,
rather than the one we were taught was first.

And didn't that Orchestra tour with Vernon & Irene Castle circa 1914
making them the first really "integrated" ragtime/jazz orchestra?

And wasn't it JRE's playing of W. C, Handy's Memphis Blues in 1912 or
so, what got the Castles dancing (inventing?) their "Foxrtrot" during
that time? (1912 to 1914)? Was this the first danceable jazz for the

Well, I leave that to all the "historians". I think it matters little
who did what. None of us will ever really know for sure, but is sure is
interesting to speculate.


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