[Dixielandjazz] Rev. Tom Bob's Sermon of the week (Long)

Louis Lince louislince at neworleansmusic.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 17 21:01:10 PDT 2003


Well said, I can't fault a single item in the sermon.You are exactly
right....Work doesn't come to those
who sit and wait. I seem to remember listmate Steve Barbone voicing similar

Listmate John Petters in the UK is another who gets off his butt and
organises work. His PR approach
is first rate. Good pictures and words. Perhaps a little over the top at
times (to our English tastes!)
But none the less John's festivals and productions work. He also has CDs to
promote his endeavours.............
each one relevant to the particular show and/or audience.

As you say, It all comes down to marketing. ( it's assumed that the goods
offered are A1)

(Having fun playing and earning)

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