[Dixielandjazz] Lead sheet "Sleepy Head" requested

Dick Sleeman d.sleeman at hccnet.nl
Mon Aug 18 01:56:10 PDT 2003

Dear listmates,

Tatters of this melody I heard many times when my children watched Tom & Jerry cartoons. They run around in my brain like a pretty girl (I.Berlin) but they remained, err, tatters. Until at a gig, during the interval, I heard it played by Bobby Hackett (which BTW makes it OKOM), backed up by a female vocal group, and the sound man told me the song is called "Sleepy Head".

Anybody help me with the lead sheet?


Dick "Just like the strain of a haunting refrain" Sleeman, Lelystad, Holland

<d.sleeman at hccnet.nl>

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