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Wow, the power of the internet!  I am writing in response to a site I picked
up while searching ' Delbert Lincoln.'   My husband is Andrew Delbert
Lincoln with Phil Lincoln being his father (son of Delbert Lincoln).  Andy
and I have been married for a year now and I was putting together a family
history book together.  Phil had a stroke about 11 years ago and lives in
California.  I would to hear any history you might have.
-Erika Lincoln    

Sorry to correct you Bill but Del Lincoln was not the brother of trombonist
Abe Lincoln. Del's full name was Delbert Lincoln Arronson. He was of
Scandinavian heritage. He used Del Lincoln because there was, sad to say,
some anti-Semitism among many band leaders in Chicago at the time (1930's)
when he changed his name professionally because his last name was being
mistaken for being Jewish. The reason I know this information is that he and
his wife Aileen were close friends of our family, lived in the same
apartment building as we did (which also had a lot of Chicago musicians
living in it at the time). His daughter Patty was about my age and we played
together as kids (1930's). Del was a very fine cornetist. Very underrated
and unsung, but had a great sound and good ideas. I write just to correct
the record, so please don't take this as anything but that. Don Ingle -----
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