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But if one wants to write it to get the info down and available, there's
always the option of self-publication, via zerox, .pdf, website, CD-rom.
And I have seen some "soft", that is, non-"scholarly", books published by
university presses. 

First thing is to get it down while the hooch is still there. Once it's on
"paper", it can be worked with sooner or later...


At 12:04 PM 8/13/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Not to discourage a Don Ingle book about his dad, but it isn't the "minutiae
>and literary niceties" that are the problems with writing a book.  The
>really big problem is finding a publisher, or even an agent to represent you
>to publishers.  I haven't been able to find an agent who will even take a
>look at a sample chapter!  The standard answer to an inquiry is "Thanks, but
>no thanks."
>Bill Horton
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>> At 11:16 AM 8/13/2003 -0400, Don Ingle wrote:
>> >Butch, et al:
>> >For years as I was growing up, I heard many stories about Bix from a man
>> >worked with him, my Father, Red Ingle.
>> Come on Don, write us a whole book about your dad and you and all the
>> you guys worked with and met. Don't worry about "doing it right", just let
>> it hang out so we can enjoy it! Too many books haven't seen the light of
>> day because the prospective authors worried about the minutia and literary
>> nicities...
>> --Sheik
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