[Dixielandjazz] Need Parody for "Good Man Is Hard To Find"

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Mon Aug 11 10:18:19 PDT 2003

The best parody version of this tune was the Les Brown ca.1940's record with
Butch Stone's vocal. My memory of it is a foggy half-century old but the
best remembered line was "Put a smile on you face and keep your big mouth
shut!..because a good man now a days is hard to fine!." Someone must have a
copy out there -- mine went the way of 78's long ago and many moves.
Don Ingle
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> > I know there was a rather naughty one - I can't seem to remember it.
> > Thought someone else might.   I have been getting some requests for it.
> >
> >
> A Good Find Is A Man Too Hard
> A Good Hard to Man Is A Find
> To Man, A Good Hard is A Find
> Find A Good Too Hard Man
> To Find A Man, Good and Hard
> Find A Hard Man.... IS Good, too
> Well, Kaye, I've been beating around the bush and found only these.  Why
> play them as a medley?
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