[Dixielandjazz] Re: Dixielandjazz Digest, Vol 8, Issue 20

Charles Enlind CEnlindJazz at webtv.net
Sun Aug 10 18:16:24 PDT 2003

For information on jazz gigs on Cape Cod
go to   info at capecodjazzsociety.org

BTW did anyone write up the Great Connecticut
Jazz Fest on the DJML?  I was there for just Friday night and all day
Saturday.  Their tendancy to feature more swing  bands and less well
known trad bands has
probably  reduced attendance  by  some only
going for the trad bands.  This year only 6 members of
the Potomac River Jazz Club attended TGCJF.

Chas. Enlind 
Arlington, Virginia 
CEnlindJazz at webtv.net 

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