[Dixielandjazz] Re: Future of Dixieland

LeslieMRag at aol.com LeslieMRag at aol.com
Fri Aug 8 15:56:17 PDT 2003

Dear DJML Listmates and Margaret in particular:

It's very encouraging to see how many people are actively seeking ways to 
familiarize younger people with traditional jazz. The suggestions and 
descriptions of programs mentioned so far are excellent, but I'd also like to remind you 
all of the fine work being done by the Traditional Jazz Educators, led by Dave 
Robinson. Margaret, I suggest you send a copy of your posting to Dave at 
jazzteachr at sysnet.net and also check out the resources available at the TJEN web 
site (http://prjc.org/tjen/resources.htm). Dave writes a bimonthly column on 
jazz education for The Mississippi Rag and mentors the Federal Focus Jazz Band, 
an excellent band of young people playing trad jazz. The possibilities for 
networking through the TJEN web site are tremendous.  

Leslie Johnson
editor at mississippirag.com OR
lesliemrag at aol.com

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