[Dixielandjazz] Marketing OKOM to schools

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Fri Aug 8 14:14:51 PDT 2003

A similar program could and should be done for OKOM in every state.

It just takes folks like us to get up and go do it, if the current teachers 
in the system are not into OKOM and Traditional Jazz, you can bet they are not 
teaching or trying to inspire any kids to learn or play it.  We must reach 
these kids when they are young, remember that most of their cartoons have been 
made with OKOM music so you can't tell me kids don't or won't embrace this 

 But you do have to plant the seeds long before they discover a Dixieland 
piece or two in high school.   Once they get to high school they have too many 
other interests to pursue than OKOM or even playing their instruments.  
Furthermore the music teachers are gong to teach them and influence them with their 
own personal agenda which usually will be focused upon only modern music, so the 
teacher appears to be hip with the School adminsitration and on top of what 
the kids want today.

We have to go back and use the Three R's approach again folks, and keep it 
simple, we do not need or want psychologist and psychiatrist evaluations upon 
the potential or not potential side or emotional effects the music and programs 
will have upon small children.   Many of us have been programmed to take 
ourselves far too seriously already, just relax have fun and do it with some great 
happy fun time music.

I certainly do not mean to exclude high schools from the program, but just 
want to emphasize the need to start at the ground level with the grade school 
kids, they are willing waiting and starving recipients, and usually so are their 
teachers.  Get the Parent Teachers Association to work with you or your 
society, to put on concerts and or dances at the schools for their fundraisers, not 
just for the music program, but for science and other programs in the 
schools, you can create many small gigs by doing this, and usually on weeknights at 
early hours which will not interfere with any nightclub dates you might have 

Don't forget to have those CDs and T-Shirts and society memberships available 
to these folks as well, and don't be afraid to share a bit of the revenue wi
th the PTA from those sales, Team work makes it all happen and defrays a lot of 
the costs incurred for each separate organization to do fundraising.

Organize a Big outdoor event in the park with all the organizations 
participating and promote it city and county wide to the general public.  You will be 
amazed at where you find new converts, who have no way of finding you or your 

You simply must become visible and work hard to remain visible.

If Henry Ford did not market and advertise his cars from the first one to the 
full assembly line we have available today The Ford Motor company would have 
vanished long ago, and if we think we have a soft market for OKOM try 
competing in the automobile business.

By the way I have mentioned it before, but Go meet with your Car dealers, 
invite them to come out to your events and bring along a few new cars for folks 
to check out, and contribute cash and promote your event in their advertising, 
get one of them to include one or more of your bands in a commercial.  They 
are usually very generous with cash donations as well.   


Tom (Ain't to Proud to Beg) Wiggins

The most successful businesses and enterprises in the world are run on:
OPM   (other people's money)  go get some of it and make your dreams come 
true for you and a lot of kids as well.  Dixieland will then take care of itself 
over and over again.

God helps those that help themselves, I am just his marketing representative.

ARTIST NEWS: Nelson Heads Texas School Music Campaign
Posted: Tue., Aug. 05, 2003 08:58:13 AM MST AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Willie 
Nelson, Ray Benson and Michelle Shocked are among the artists behind "Don't Mess 
With Texas Music," a public awareness campaign to help music programs survive 
in schools amid budget cuts.

The campaign, being launched by the Texas Music Project, is similar to VH1's 
national "Save the Music" drive.

Nelson is honorary chairman of the Texas Music Project. Benson, leader of the 
band Asleep at the Wheel, and Shocked, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, 
are on the advisory board.

"Everyone supporting the project is doing it because they love music, and 
because they understand music education helps kids reach their full potential, 
regardless of what they grow up to be," Nelson said in a recent statement.

"Don't Mess With Texas Music" also is the name of an upcoming benefit CD with 
songs by 21 artists with state ties. Other musicians joining the effort are 
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Lucinda Williams and Erykah Badu.

The $15 CD will be released next month. Proceeds will fund grants for music 
programs in schools.

The Texas Music Project rose out of concern that many school districts facing 
budget crunches are starting to cut back on music programs, said executive 
director Bruce Orr.

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