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Dear Margaret,
On Aug 2nd, I posted an article on DJML about the very subject you
mentioned.  (briefly in passing)  Here in Melbourne, we at the Victorian
Jazz club agonised over how we could encourage young people to take an
interest in OKOM.  We decided to offer a course of classes in traditional
jazz, heavily subsidised by the VJC, by hiring well known professional musos
of OKOM to take a group of young people who were proficient on their
respective instruments and form them into a band.  The response was most
heartening.  I wrote to over 100 Metro schools that had a music program and
had a swing band & we got about 15 - 20 kids who came along.  The classes
are held over 12 weeks at the Victorian Jazz Archives,( a marvellous
facility we now have dedicated to the preservation of Australian Jazz & Jazz
in general ) and at the end of it all a couple of performing bands were
formed.  As they gained confidence from a guest appearance at the VJC one
night, " The Hot Jam Donuts " were even given a paid gig at a festival or
two and haven't looked back.  Over the years, a number of alumni have
achieved international success & the future of OKOM, at least in our part of
the world, looks healthy.  Simon Stribling, Steven Grant and Joe Stevenson
( "Fireworks" ) are just a few graduates.  Other arts funding has been made
available from time to time to keep these classes running and the bonding of
the participants may just create a new younger community that appreciates
their KOM.  They're not interested in associating with the grey haired
brigade, but our next concern is to find a venue where younger folks can
listen.  (hopefully near a university or college campus and not too far out
of town)  Best of luck Margaret. If I can be of any help, please write to me
off list.  At least you're thinking in the right direction.
Best wishes,
Sam Meerkin.

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