[Dixielandjazz] Chess and Jazz (was QC Times Bix Article)

tito martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Fri Aug 8 06:05:06 PDT 2003

John Petters Said:

<<<<What I am getting at is that to create new music you don't have to
create new styles. Whatever we record on 1st September will be new and
it will be ours. Lets stop trying to bring traditional jazz up to date
and rejoice in what it is - Traditional. It is as relevant as Mozart,
Beethoven or Debussy. Each of them had their own style and folk rejoice
in playing it and listening to it.>>>

Hear! Hear! IMHO you're absolutely correct, John! I compare playing
Traditional Jazz as playing Chess: to create new and great combinations
and finish a beautiful check-mate you don't have to change the rules! Of
course every one is free to change any rule, but then be honest and
change the NAME of the game, it won't be CHESS anymore! 
 The same with Traditional Jazz, if you want to play it is because you
wholeheartedly accepted to play blue-notes, to improvise collectively,
to syncopate the rhythm, to draw your repertoire in African-American
blues, spirituals, folksongs, marches, popular songs and even new
composed tunes in that vein. And especially you must agree beforehand to
If you can't or won't, play anything you want but PLEASE don't call it
Traditional JAZZ! 
Jazz is like Chess - but with Swing.   

Tito "I Love Breaking Rules" Martino
Sao Paulo Brazil
(I love Mozart, Beeth. and Debussy, too) 

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