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Perhaps you are getting all of those gigs because you don't have a drummer
(or even a washboard player).  Say it ain't so...(this is a
drummer/washboard player talkin').

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Hello all,

We must be lucky, we have great fee paying venues on a regular weekly basis.

Tuesday around 80 (max 90) guests on a sunset cruise on the beautiful Noosa
River. Running 8 years
Wednesday around 190 meals served at the Tewantin Noosa Bowls Club running
since January
Thursday around 180 meals served at the Swan Bowling Club at Maroochydore
running 6 years.
Tonight a once a month Gig at Virginia Golf Club in Brisbane. Booked out 150
I find mid week gigs the easiest to get. I look for a joint that is empty,
bar staff bored and kitchen closing at 7 pm. THERE IS ONE IN EVERY TOWN.
Mind you the luck runs out if you don't get the numbers!

Richard Stevens

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