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Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
Thu Aug 7 10:53:33 PDT 2003

I wonder if Bix, himself would have wanted his music preserved as it was
recorded during his lifetime.  In long ago conversations with Hoagy
Charmichael and Phil Harris who knew Bix well, I was given the impression
that Bix was anything but interested in tradition.

If "Trad" means being orthodox, conventional or conformist, Bix was never a
"Trad" player.  In his era, Bix was "far out," with creativity and
innovativeness being his hallmarks, in addition to his brilliant execution.
Had Bix lived and additional 15 years, I have little doubt that Bird and Diz
would have been at his side saying, "How'd ya do that, man?"  I

t's fine to preserve that which was recorded in the 1920s but, I think, an
error to presume that this is the way Bix would like to be remembered.  Or,
with a longer life, that Bix would have been performing in the manner that
we now ascribe as being his musical legacy.

Just an old man's opinion.   Who wants to argue?

Dick Broadie


> Moreover, Bix found the vehicle for expressing his
> musical genius in the 1920s traditional jazz and hot dance band milieu.
> Tributes and celebrations of Bix's music must be cast within that same
> genre. Any attempts to bring other styles of jazz would represent a
> of Bix's musical legacy.
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