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Louis said
> List mate John Petters will concur, I have no doubt. On the number of
> I have played with, and for him, there has been the minimum of sound
> systems. The audiences didn't complain, They could listen or dance or
> but without hurting their ears.
More than not complain - they positively applaud. Too much pa makes it
impossible for the band to play dynamically.
John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ
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> Bob,
> There are times when I wish That PA had not been invented. To have a
> six-piece band in a small room with an enormous PA system ( and
> Rock sound engineer who hasn't heard of dynamic) is the kiss of death.
> there are occasions when a sound reinforcement system is needed.but 9
> out of ten it's not necessary, apart from one microphone to talk to the
> audience and to use for thre occasional vocal.
> Louis
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