[Dixielandjazz] Studs Terkel and Barrett Deems

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Hi Jim,

I have all of the Jazz Book Club Books from Number 1 (1956)to Number 45
(1963) except Numbers 9,  41 and 43  The club also issued a number of
extras. Condon's Treasury of Jazz , Ulanov's A History of Jazz in America,
Billie Hollidays Lady Sings the Blues,( which has in MHO the best first line
in any of my collection of books)  Jazz Masters of the 30's by Alex Stewart.
all of which I have. To my regret, as a lover of Studs Terkel's books, I do
not possess  Giants of Jazz. What number was it. I would be interested to
know. Anybody ?

Ivor Jones

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> According to the 'Acknowledgements' foreword to Studs Terkel's book,
> 'Giants of Jazz':
> The book itself was published by the 'Jazz Book Club', an English
> enterprise of the 1950's that I don't know much about (and would be
> interested to learn more about). They also published Mezz Mezzrow's
> extraordinary "Really The Blues"- a book that deserves more discussion
> (if only to finally dismiss it as a load of entertaining but
> self-serving bunkum)
> Studs's book is made up of journalistic profiles of Joe Oliver, Louis
> Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Bix, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Benny
> Goodman, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton and
> Dizzy Gillespie

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