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> Yes, indeed, welcome back Jim Beebe,
> I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing and then, 
> whaddayaknow, a post from you!
> We missed you!
> Rae Ann

  Thank you, Rae ann.  To paraphrase, Mark Twain..." The reports of my demise 
have been greatly exaggerated.

I missed all of you as well.  I have moved to La Crosse, Wis where I have 
relatives and near Sparta, WIs, where I grew up. Leitholds music store is 
still open in La Crosse.  This is where I acquired my first  jazz recordings 
on 78s...back in the late 40s.  This was when recod stores had little booths 
to try out records.  We would take in a dozen to try out and buy one.   What 
great times those were, in retrospect.   I remember trying out some records 
and in the next booth was a girl who looked like Jean Tierney...the movie 
star.  And she is playing Louis's Hot Fives.  That just didn't happen in real 
life.  I took the liberty of introducing myself and complimenting on her 
exquisite taste.  That is as far as that went, though she thanked me.

Jim Beebe

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