[Dixielandjazz] Evolution Mama

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Thu Apr 24 08:14:09 PDT 2003

Since we are into double E, ribald meanings of jazz tune titles, how about
the original title for Waller's "Squeeze Me.?" It was "Boy in a Boat." I
could explain but I won't go there now, err I face the wrath of the double E
Don (I know things but I am not talking) Ingle

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> Listmates,
> Burt Wilson added:
> >Well....I'll be happy to relate that "Struttin' with some Bar-B-Q" refers
> >to "Walkin' with a fine woman," but please don't ask me to translate
> >That Thing" and "Kitchen Man" on list.
> Do you suppose "You got the right key but the wrong keyhole" has any
> entendres associated with it?  . . . naaahhhhh!
> Bill Gunter
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