[Dixielandjazz] Re: The main list

Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 23 23:50:07 PDT 2003

on 4/23/03 11:45 PM, Bill Horton at horton4jaz at earthlink.net wrote:

> Is it just me, or is the DJML in a long, boring decline?  It seems about 95%
> of the current posts are regarding discography.  Obviously it is on topic,
> but to me it ranks in interest just above hubcap or butterfly collecting.
> Then, a couple of days ago, Bob Ringwald posted yet another rant about
> keeping on-topic, and no jokes or mention of the Iraq war.  (If there have
> been any jokes or war comments, he must have censored them out!)  I realize
> a mailing list should hew pretty much to a topic line, but I've never
> noticed the DJML deviating too much from that line, except a few years back
> when we got into a Carson flaming exchange.
> Anyway, thank heaven for the Right Guard.  It hasn't required a monitor,
> since if someone gets out of line, you just delete his name from your list.
> Incidentally, I wonder how many names you have on your RG list?  I just
> checked, and I have 15.
> Bill Horton
I have an extra: I've got 16.  And I'm wondering whether Nancy Griffin
shouldn't be added.  Shall we ask her and find out?  She's younger and she's
very intelligent.  So she should one day BECOME a conservative, if she isn't
one already.  And she is a firmly good person: so she needs us.  Let's try.


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