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> on 4/23/03 8:09 PM, Brian Towers at briantowers at msn.com wrote:
> > I have just had my knuckles rapped by  the word police for mentioning
> > word Iraq in my posting!
>     Do not fret for one moment, my friend!  Ringworm has things he must
> Use mere common sense, and you are safe.
>     Nota bene: Ringwald is a good guy and not at all stupid!  Good player,
> too, I hear!  And I've loved Molly for years, forget it she's young enough
> to be MY daughter.   Put your faith in the Ringwald family.  You won't
> regret it.
> Charlie

Bob has been a friend for many years.  However, he has one fault:  as far as
I can see, he has absolutely no sense of humor.

Bill H.

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