[Dixielandjazz] Pseudonyms

John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Tue Apr 22 19:13:46 PDT 2003

Listmeister Ringwald said (re vocal version of At The Jazz Band Ball) :

" Do you suppose that it was Bing singing under an assumed name?
 As we all know, lots of musicians did this because they were under contract
 to recording companies.  Hackett recorded under the name of Pete Pesky.
 Benny, Shoeless Joe Jackson, etc."

In 1935  Fats Waller (using the name "Flip Wallace") made some recordings
for Associated Music in breach of his contract with Victor. In 1940 he also
recorded with Condon's band under the name "Maurice". Given his instantly
recognisable unique style it is difficult to believe that anybody was fooled
for one second.

John Farrell
stridepiano at tesco.net

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