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Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Tue Apr 22 16:55:20 PDT 2003

Dear friends,
A general reply regarding the 'forgettable' lyrics to "At The Jazz Band Ball".
They were written by Johnny Mercer about 1949-50. 
The version Chris Tyle recalls was featured by a Bing Crosby sing-alike called
Jimmy Atkins and recorded by Eddie Condon and His Orchestra for Decca in NYC on
22 March 1950.
(I am happy to transcribe them, if required, but not today.)
The session mate was a vocal version of "Jazz Me Blues".
The band did indeed include Wild Bill Davison, c; plus Cutty Cutshall, tb;
Peanuts Hucko, cl; Gene Schroeder, p; Condon, g; Jack Lesberg, sb; Buzzy
Drootin, d. 
I am playing it now. It is on a recent Classics CD 1177 and a has been issued on
The Bing Crosby-Louis Armstrong version was recorded for MGM along with a whole
heap of popular jazz titles for which Johnny Mercer provided the lyric
The Billy May orchestral/choir stuff for these songs was recorded in LA on 28-30
July 1060.
The Bing/Louis vocals were added in NYC on 5 July 1960.
There was a story that Bing and Louis did not actually appear together in the
studio, but that Bing did his bit then mailed the tape to Louis. 
This has now been refuted. They did duets on the same day and time.  
I do not have these MGM recordings.
Nor do I know of a Bing-Louis film or TV clip featuring "At The Jazz Band Ball".
Kind regards,

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