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Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Apr 20 11:09:33 PDT 2003

Anton stated:

> There are at least 3 general forms of "discography" and, as the IAJRC
> material argued, only one is "true discography".

> This "true" form is concerned only with the records themselves - ie the
> physical object. Such a form is akin to palaeontology and involves a
> description of those characteristics which can be seen during an
> of the record (eg, size, label type and design, catalogue number, matrix
> number, stamper information, "scribbles" in the wax, name of composition,
> composer and performer). Some researchers supplement these details with
> company information such as release dates and advertising material. It
> follows that this form of discography is dependent on the existence of the
> records themselves. Jazz examples I have are Dan Mahony's Columbia
> 13/14000-D series (1973), Max Vreede's Paramount 12000/13000 series (1971)
> and Laurie Wright's OKeh 8000 race series (2001).

I hope someone will suggest that my "Hit of the week Discography", "Durium
(GB) Discography" and "Durium Advertisement and Custom Records Discography"
belong to this "true-type" DISC-o-Graphies too.

It was the reason why my Oscar Aleman "Discography" is called: "Oscar Alemán
Tune-O-Graphy - Lisado de temas (a discography - una discografia). I hope to
publish once a "true' Oscar Alemán DISCography".

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Enjoy my "True" Discographies"


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