[Dixielandjazz] Re: I'm Comin' Virginia

Butch Thompson butcht at sihope.com
Fri Apr 18 22:11:50 PDT 2003

Regarding I'm Comin' Virginia:  I have heard all kinds of different changes,
but I have come to prefer the original ones (very much as posted here
already) and the original key, F.
I fondly remember a night years ago when Bill Davison played this beautiful
tune with our band.  During the trombone solo, he turned to me and said
"This tune has a lot of beautiful chord changes."  I agreed.  Then he said,
"You guys are missing every G** d*** one of 'em."
My favorite recordings:  The aforementioned 1927 Bix/Trumbauer and Ethel
Waters' in 1926 with "Will Marion Cook's Singing Orchestra."

Butch Thompson 

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