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   >  We are getting ready to record a CD of our comedy/jazz group, the
   >  Boondockers.
   >  Since I have not been involved in producing a CD for quite a while, I have a
   >  question.
   >  Do any of you use a bar code?
   >  I have it on my Great Pacific JB album which was done on LP, cassette & CD
   >  in the late 80s.  It really helped as we were selling the recordings in
   >  stores.
   >  Is anyone using the bar code now or is it not worth the bother?


We recorded a CD about six months ago and the duplicating company had a deal: for $50 they'd add a bar code. It has allowed us to put a few CDs in stores like local Barnes & Noble and Borders where managers are more apt to agree to sell local band CDs if there's a bar code. (It simplifies the inventory/sale process for them.) We have sold a (very) few in those stores so, I suppose in the long run it's worth it. But if it had cost us much more than 50 bucks, I would have reconsidered. Hope this helps.

Is Gary Church still playing with you? If so, tell him hi, please. We miss him and is great playing.


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