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Bob, I found a copy of the actual sheet music online here:

Two verses, one chorus. Wordy by Edward Laska, music by Al Von Tilzer.
Copyright MCMXIX (1919), so now public domain.

I love my country, 'deed I do,
But oh, that war has made be blue,
I like fightin', that's my name,
But fightin' is the least about the fightin' game.
When Mister Hoover said to cut my dinner down,
I never even hesitate, I never frown;
I cut my sugar, I cut my coal,
But now they dug deep in my soul.

I've got the blues, I've got the blues,
I've got the alcoholic blues.
No more beer my heart to cheer;
Goodbye whiskey, you used to make me frisky.
So long high-ball, so long gin.
Oh tell me when you comin' back again?
Blues, I've got the blues,
Since they amputated my booze.
Lordy Lordy, war is well,
You know I don't have to tell
Oh, I've got the alcoholic blues,
some blues.

Prohibition that's the name,
Prohibition drives me insane.
I'm so thirsty, soon I'll die,
I'm simply going to 'vaporate, I'm just that dry.
I wouldn't mind to live forever in a trench,
Just if my daily thirst they only let me quench;
And not with Bevo or Gingerale,
I want the real stuff by the pail.

~ Chris Calabrese

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> Does anyone have words to "Alcoholic Blues?"

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