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Fri Apr 11 12:34:04 PDT 2003

I visited him in the hospital yesterday. He is doing well. Apparently it was 
cancer surgery somewhere in the abdominal cavity. He reports that his surgeon 
said he got it all. He was preparing to go for his first assisted walk down 
the hallway after the operation.

Dick shared a little about himself with me(we had never met before). He plays 
bass, keyboard, and reeds. He had played with a jazz trio that worked with 
Frank Sinatra,  & part of the ritual of the gig was Frank had to cook 
breakfast for the group at the end of the party at his house. Dick also 
states that he is a registered psychiatric nurse, but he hasn't had time to 
work in that profession in 13 years (too busy with other stuff).  He is in 
good spirits. He was also a little surprised that someone on the mailing list 
came to see him.

He also said he is not likely to return the DJML because it so active and 
therefore takes a lot of time. If any you wonder why he will be off the 
board, that is the reason.

Tom Loeb
Riverside California
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