[Dixielandjazz] Turk Murphy discography

Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
Thu Apr 10 19:41:48 PDT 2003

Dan wondered:
I was thrashing around the web looking for a complete discography of all
Turk Murphy's recordings, but found at best only various CD-lists and such.
Is there no such list, even at the San Francisco Traditional Jazz
Foundation?  How about a Lu Watters discography?  I want one with every
recording in all media, from the 1930's to today, USA and elsewhere. Am i
going to have to compile these myself?

I have heard from a Dutch group of collectors, who made a Frisco
discography, of course with the musicians (and more) you mention. I can try
to get some more information on Saturday at the Doctor Jazz Meeting in
Wageningen if you like. Perhaps other members of this list know about this

Let me know !1

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Enjoy my Flexible Record sites.


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