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I don't know, but I would guess "Army Ground Forces" is a likely choice for 

Respectfully submitted,

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>Dear US friends, who were around during WW2.
>I have had an enquiry asking which ex-Count Basie tenor sax man served in
>England, as a US band serviceman, during the 2nd World War.
>The only candidate I can come up with may be Jack Washington who was with 
>(and I
>quote from John Chilton's 'Who's Who of Jazz') "the 211th AGF Band at Fort 
>Oklahoma until demobilisation in late 1945".
>Various Google searches failed to satisfactorily tell me what AGF stands 
>Nor could I find any history of the band(s), which seem to have been Army 
>groups located all over the USA.
>I hate mysteries!
>Kind regards,
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