[Dixielandjazz] The 'Bix' Affair

KenASlater at aol.com KenASlater at aol.com
Thu Apr 3 02:50:48 PST 2003

Indeed.  I should probably have clarified that my view of the snippets
is based on the disappointment that actual Bix recordings weren't used. 
Hearing the band in question outside of the context of the incidental
music of the series would no doubt find me enjoying what I was hearing,

Rev M J "Mike" Logsdon, Sub-deacon

I think you would. As a lifelong fan of Kenny Baker I would recommend you to 
listen to some of his recorded output - sadly you can't hear him live now. I 
also believe you might enjoy the incidental music for the series,  which, 
although as you say it isn't Bix, is good in its own right . It's also great 



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